Case Study: Cybersecurity E-Commerce Store & Marketing

In August of 2017, Maryland cybersecurity company CKSecurity Solutions (CKSS) contacted us to develop an e-commerce store for their DFARS Templates as well as set up a CRM and develop a digital marketing strategy. The project plan also included installing an SSL certificate so that their site would be secure.

Project Requirements:

  • E-Commerce Store with Customized Emails based on payment method and the products purchased
  • Paypal and Square Payment Gateway Set-up
  • Secure PDF Viewer
  • Special Contact Forms with Notification Emails based on purchase or preview request
  • CRM set up with integration with E-Commerce Store, Lead Generation and Contact Forms
  • Installation of SSL Certificate
  • DFARS Marketing Video with voice over
  • Google AdWords with Responsive Ads and Remarketing
  • Bing Ads
  • SEO using Moz and Google MyBusiness
  • Google Analytics Reporting with E-Commerce Settings

E-Commerce Store with Customized Emails

The e-commerce store was set up to sell IT tech support services and downloads of their DFARS templates. The store had two payment gateways: Paypal and Square. Customers could also make a purchase through wire transfer.  Customized emails were developed based on the products the customer bought and the payment method they used. The customized emails required triggers to be set up based on logic we developed.

NIST 800 171 System Security Plan Template DFARS Compliance

Secure PDF View

CKSS needed a secure way to show a preview of their NIST DFARS templates, that would prevent others from stealing or printing their proprietary documents.  So we implemented a solution that used secure pdfs and then embedded them in a viewer that disabled the print feature in the toolbar and the ability to right-click on the file.

CRM set up with integration with E-Commerce Store, Lead Generation and Contact Forms

To organize customer information, leads and information requests, we set up a CRM called Active Campaign for CKSS. This CRM integrates with their e-commerce store and all their contact forms. Whenever a product is purchased or someone fills out a contact form the information is sent to CKSS’s CRM and organized for easy follow up. With their CRM they are able to score leads and set up automated email campaigns.

Installation of SSL Certificate

Since CKSS’s site would now have an e-commerce store, having a secure connection was vital. In addition, as of 2017, Google is now penalizing sites and warning visitors when sites collecting information do not have an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate establishes a secure connection between a website or server and the user’s browser or computer. To prevent unauthorized parties from intercepting sensitive information like credit card data,  an SSL connection encrypts the information being transferred between two digital locations.

DFARS Marketing Video with Voice Over

To market their DFARS Compliance services, CKSS requested an update to their existing marketing video. They provided a script detailing the DoD’s changes to the Final DFARS Rule on Network Penetration and Cloud Computing and we hired the voice over talent.  After the voice- over was recorded, we edited the video, uploaded it to Youtube and embedded on the website.

Google AdWords with Responsive Ads and Remarketing

A part of the marketing strategy for CKSS we set up Google Adwords Ads which included responsive ads and remarketing. We had to do extensive keyword research to determine the best words to add to the campaign. Our bidding strategy focused on getting CKSS on the first page for important terms for their products and services. We developed over 10 regular ads with callout extensions, site links and call extensions. We also developed 5 responsive ads for the purposes of remarketing.

Bing Ads

During a review of Google Analytics for the site, we noticed very engaged visitors coming from Organic Bing Traffic. So we decided to test Bing Ads, which had significantly lower CPCs and average higher CTRs.

SEO using Moz and Google MyBusiness

To improve CKSS’s organic search rankings, we added rich snippets to the site and used Moz to optimize existing content and created new content based off Moz’s keyword explorer tool which showed search volume. To improve existing content, we added keywords to urls, H1 titles, in the content copy and in the alt tags of images. We optimized 10 pages and added 3 new blog posts.   

Reporting using Google Datastudio and Google Analytics with E-Commerce Settings.

Finally, to report on the overall marketing strategy we created Google Adwords report in Google Data Studio and set up the e-commerce settings in Google Analytics. With these reports we will be able to improve conversion optimization of the website and make necessary adjustments to our marketing strategy.

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